The Rolling Stones are Threatening to Sue Donald Trump for Using Their Songs at Rallies; Maybe Sacha Baron Cohen Will Write Him a New Campaign Song

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Ronald Reagan famously used Brice Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’ as a campaign song, and I’m pretty sure the only reason The Boss didn’t sue to stop him is he thought it was too funny, seeing as how ‘Born in the USA’ is about how America sucks.

Donald Trump hasn’t even been that lucky and basically any time he plays a song at a campaign the musician who wrote it asks him to never do it again, including the ghost of Tom Petty.

It’s gotten so bad for the President that I’m expecting him to start using royalty-free backing tracks and then have ElectronicaBoss42069 put out a statement saying “I don’t approve of Donald Trump and am looking at ways to prevent him from using ‘Rumba Fart Beats Mix 217’ at future events.”

The latest group seeking to stop Trump from using their music is The Rolling Stones, who are threatening to sue if he doesn’t stop using ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ to close his rallies.

Wait… ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’? That’s the song he walks off stage to? I guess that explains why he hasn’t been able to build that border wall. Bill Clinton used Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’ for his campaigns, a song about how things are going to get better. They didn’t, but at least it wasn’t the “okay guys, temper your expectations” song.

I’d like to mention that when Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman was in his 50s he married an 18-year-old he had been in an intimate relationship with for five years. Do the math on that. Even he thinks being associated with Trump is bad for his image.

But if Trump is really hard up for a new campaign song, maybe Sachs Baron Cohen can write him one. He sang one that seems appropriate enough at a Three Percenter rally this weekend.

Tell me that’s not exactly the sort of thing you hear in your head when you think about what songs you’d expect to hear at a Trump rally. And Cohen got away with that for almost ten minutes because he cut someone a check.

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