‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cleans House, Fires Four Stars For Past Racism

Bravo / Vanderpump Rules

Ah, Vanderpump Rules, the reality TV show with so much Vanderhumping that the network makes cast members promise not to sue when they inevitably get herpes. Doctors in Los Angeles County will finally get to rest their penicillin-prescribing hand as four cast members were fired by Bravo for past racist remarks that resurfaced recently.

I know, it is shocking to find out that white people in the posh part of California might be doing or saying racist things; I mean, unless you’ve ever been there or aren’t white yourself, then it’s just Tuesday.

Here’s what happened to the Real Housewives spin-off according to TMZ.

Okay, so Stassi Schroeder, who didn’t get fired for calling herself a Nazi a few years ago, so she must have really fucked up this time. She and Doute were accused by former castmate Faith Stowers of calling the cops on her, claiming she fit the description of someone the police were looking for. Stowers says Schroeder and Doute knew she wasn’t the person police were looking for and it seemed to resonate with people who had just seen Amy Cooper call the cops and claim an African-American man was threatening her when he told her she had to put her dog on a leash.

As for Max and Brett, they said the n-word on Twitter when they were teenagers.

Always delete your tweets. Never don’t be deleting tweets.

TMZ added that Lisa Vanderpump hadn’t fired Max and Brett from her restaurant that the show is based around because it’s a restaurant and if everyone got fired from service jobs for dumb s**t they said or did when they were teenagers society would collapse.

No word on what will happen to Stassi and Kristen, but they have been fired by basically everyone, like their agents and sponsors and Stassi even lost her podcast which… how do you even get fired from a podcast?

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