We Now Know Why Harvey Weinstein’s Penis is So Deformed

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The thing about Harvey Weinstein is that dude looks gross in a suit, an outfit designed to hide all the things that make gross dudes look gross so that they can partake in normal society. I can only imagine that after being forced to see Harv naked at trial, that jury was locking him up no matter what. Not to take anything away from his victims who so barely came forward and testified against him for his monstrous actions but no one is looking at Weinstein naked and not thinking “we have to get that off the streets.”

One of the more notable things to come out at Weinstein’s trial is that something is very wrong with his penis. Like, even compared to the rest of him something is very wrong there.

Well, thanks to Page Six we now know what happened to Weinstein’s tiny, stinky cock.

The disgraced movie mogul’s deformed genitalia is the result of a life-threatening bacterial infection known as Fournier’s gangrene, according to reports in Graydon Carter’s Digital News Weekly Airmail. The infection can strike middle-aged men and diabetics — Weinstein, 68, is both — when bacteria enters through a cut or scratch in the genitals and spreads through the bloodstream. Some patients require skin grafts, but more extreme cases, such as Weinstein’s, require an operation to remove the testicles.

That’s pretty rough, nothing with the word gangrene in it is ever good.

But most guys who have a gangrenous penis would, at a bare minimum, do fewer rapes. But not Harvey Weinstein, man. He was not going to let the complete inability to perform and having a crippling deformity stop him from doing what he loves like Lou Gehrig, not our Harvey. No, Harvey had his assistants shoot his dick full of boner drugs so he could do what he loved most, making women who found him disgusting to submit to his carnal desires through force and by wielding his social standing as a weapon. There are serial rapists with functional penises out there who haven’t ruined half as many lives as Weinstein. I’m sure his accomplishments in being the biggest piece of s**t he could manage for as long as he could manage will result in a monument to him being erected in hell. Or maybe Scottsdale.

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