50 Cent is Never Going to Let Will Smith Live Down Getting Cucked by August Alsina

Facebook / Red Table

It turns out all those rumors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were so vehemently denying are all true, and Jada told everyone on that dumb web show she does while Will just kind of sat there wishing he was playing hide-and-seek with Tom Cruise.

Of course, when you’re down, you can always count on your friends to be there for you. You know, until you snap at the, and tell them to go f**k themselves, at which point you’re going to get your balls busted.

I get the feeling Will Smith is trying to be very modern and feminist and not use the word bitch about his wife even though he really, really wants to.

But 50 is not just going to let that slide.

50 is just casually dumping on Smith and promoting some cognac, like you do. If I were Will, I’d apologize because I feel like you always want 50 on your side. He would be putting this energy into shitting on Jada and August if Smith hadn’t told him to f**k off.

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