Witness: Amber Heard’s Only Bruises Were on Her Neck After Spending the Night With Elon Musk

Do you think Elon Musk would sleep with someone else’s wife? It’s just my opinion, but Elon Musk totally seems like the kind of guy who would sleep with someone else’s wife and then make a tweet manipulating Tesla’s stock prices.

At Johnny Depp’s defamation trial on Monday, Trinity Esparza, a concierge at the building Depp and Heard lived in when they were married, claimed the she never saw any bruises on Heard while she was with Depp, but did notice “bruises on her neck” after Musk had left looking “like he had just woken up with messy hair,” reports Page Six.

“I don’t know exactly what they were, she had visible marks,’’ the worker said.

Wass fired back, “You wanted to suggest that Mr. Musk had injured her, didn’t you?”

Esparza responded, “I did not suggest that, I don’t know.”

No, the implication here is definitely not that Elon injured her, lawyer dude.

Now, I’m not a genius like Elon Musk, but I have had an affair. I used to sleep with my ex while she was seeing other people and it did not take a genius brain for me to realize that giving her a hickey would have been a really stupid idea. I’m sure Elon Musk is much too smart to do anything like that were he to have sex with someone else’s wife, which I’m sure he wasn’t. After all, Elon Musk says he wasn’t sleeping with her until after she and Depp were separated, why would he lie? Alejandro Romero, a security guard in the building, said Musk often came over late at night when Depp was out of of town, but probably just to listen to a new album or do some late-night stock manipulation.

Elon wouldn’t just brazenly sleep with someone else’s wife and leave her with pash rash, would he?

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