Are All Card Games Racist? Cards Against Humanity Writer was Involuntarily Committed for Objecting to Racism

Cards Against Humanity

Have you seen the  “I just want to grill for god’s sake” meme yet?

It’s a weird boomer thing but I kind of relate to it. I wish that card games would stop being racist so I could just enjoy them. I love Magic: the Gathering more than most things because I’m actually a giant dork, so it was kind of disheartening to find out it was made by a pack of racists.

I also love Cards Against Humanity, the super-funny party game where you match a white card with a black card to make the most hilariously offensive phrase you can.

Like Magic, Cards Against Humanity presents itself as being made by “the good guys.” Creator Max Temkin worked for Obama! They make fun of consumerism! They had a black employee committed to a mental institution for objecting to workplace racism! Wait, they had a black employee committed to a mental institution for objecting to workplace racism?

Nicolas Carter, a humorist and former Cards Against Humanity card writer recently made a Medium post detailing how yes, he was put in a mental institution after raising objections to racism.

From what I’ve been able to gather, Andy, Jo, Jack, and Eunji felt that my behavior had changed so dramatically that I must have been facing a mental break. One of the side-effects of having money was my mood improving, who could have known, and the combination of me saying what I really thought and being happy didn’t seem like my normal self to them.

Basically, once he had job security and didn’t have to stress about money, he started telling his white colleagues about his experiences with racism and they thought he was literally crazy enough to have him institutionalized.

Are the people who make Yu-Gi-Oh racist? It’s a terrible game but you know what, at this point, I’ll take what I can get.

I mean, I’m not going to stop playing Magic or Cards Against Humanity because I like the product and literally every corporation is evil. We like to find a few companies to boycott os we can ignore all the evil things every other company does. But come the f**k on, having a guy thrown in the looney bin for saying racism is bad is a new low.

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