Everyone Joking About Kate Upton’s Sex Life Now That Husband Justin Verlander Is Out for the Season

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander is likely done for the season with an elbow injury. Now, Twitter’s overloaded with people joking about Kate Upton and Verlander’s sex life.

This guy’s actually funny. Bringing it back to the Houston Astros’ sign stealing by banging on trash cans.

Then there’s this person.

She wrote: “Kate Upton trending because men are gross and their first response to an athelete’s injury is to bring up how much more time said athelete will have to bang his wife.”

I mean, I get her point. It’d be like talking about how Kate Upton is trending only because of sex jokes made about her and her husband, then posting a bunch of Instagram pics where she showed off her body. Or pointing to a bunch of lingerie pics Kate Upton took while pregnant.

So classless.

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