Is Machine Gun Kelly Just Using Megan Fox For Her Feet?

When did we decide it was okay to have a foot fetish? Is this Quentin Tarantino’s fault? Because I love QT and Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained are two of my favorite movies but we need to push this foot s**t back in the closet and make these people feel shame again.

Machine Gun Kelly is one of these weirdos, and there are rumors he’s been dating Megan Fox after the couple was spotted together and Fox wasn’t wearing her wedding ring around when she announced that she was getting divorced from Brian Austin Green.

Kelly might have an ulterior motive for spending time Megan: he’s really into her feet. Here’s what he said about them, via Us Magazine.

“It’s no secret. I think feet are beautiful,” he told the publication on Monday, July 13. “And I think Megan has the most beautiful feet that exist.”

Kelly then recalled a conversation he had with Fox about having her feet appear in the video, adding: “I was like, ‘Megan, you already know what I’m about to ask you. And she was like, ‘Yea, I literally got a pedicure just ‘cause I knew you were gonna ask me that.’ So I was like, ‘All right. Well, plop it on.’”

On top of that, I imagine getting a handjob from Megan Fox is a lot like a footjob courtesy of her weird toe thumbs, so it’s like an all-you-can-feet buffet for Kelly.

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