Justin Bieber Visited Kanye West in Wyoming

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

Justin Bieber and Kanye West are besties. Bieber headed out to Wymoing to visit our future president, Kanye West. West tweeted a photo of Damon Dash and Biber, presumably talking about interior design, judging by the caption.

Kanye’s tweet read “DD & JB discussing the new spray foam wall prototypes on the YZY campus” and showed the two sitting side by side with their backs to the camera

This “YZY Campus“, which I never really looked into, is in Wyoming and sits on 4,000 acres. West calls it “West Lake Ranch”. Supposedly, it’ll have newer versions of his Calabasas domes, alternative energy sources and in general, deal with increasing sustainability. I could explain further, but I’m not looking to get into Kanye’s mind too deep.

When he’s not stopping off at the local Wyoming Walmart, Kanye, as you know, has been running for president. He’s been saying crazy stuff like calling Kim Kardashian a white supremacist and accusing her of cheating on him with Meek Mill.

Kim Kardashian has been very understanding of Kanye and his bipolar disorder, posting a long essay about how we should be more accepting of people with these conditions. At the same time, Kim’s gotta look out for herself. Probably why she’s been consulting with divorce lawyers, just in case.

Kanye is like one really long Britney Spears umbrella freakout.

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