Kanye West is Running for President

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

Remember when we elected an absolute moron who didn’t even know where the hell he was half the time to be president on the basis of his minor celebrity and promises to “make America great” and then he completely fucked up the country and all but ignored a virulent and deadly disease? I hope we don’t make that mistake again. But enough about how Ronald Reagan handled the AIDS crisis, Kanye West is running for President.

I don’t believe in any gods but I do feel like my prayers have been answered.

Now, it takes more than a declaration on Twitter to run for President; there is paperwork to be filed, signatures to be gathered for ballot access, and a myriad of hoops to jump through. Kanye has not done any of that yet.

He has, however, brought out some of the low-key racism of Joe Biden supporters like Debra Messing, who claimed West is “trying to take young black voters from Biden.“

Donald Trump may be a terrible President but I have to give him props for turning these limousine liberals into raving lunatics just constantly ripping the masks off on the pretense that they’re good people because of their politics.

Kanye West is probably not running for President. Like I said, he’s done none of the actual work involved with actually running for President. But if he does actually run, I think I’ll vote for him. After all, what could go wrong if we vote for a reality TV personality with crippling narcissism and some sort of very obvious learning disability?

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