Katy Perry Posts Her Pregnant Self in a Crop Top

Kinda forgot about Katy Perry. She’s still pregnant if you’re wondering. Also, when did she go blonde?

Late Monday, she posted to Instagram of photo of herself hawking some merch.

That is some very soft lighting. She captioned her Instagram:

Never too pregnant for a crop 💁🏼‍♀️ and never too good for a mask 😷 Get ur #SMILE game on (tho don’t forget darling #Daisies🌼) and head to the link in my bio for your merch bundles! 😁

Perry’s due next month. She’s up to 190 pounds, which is uhh, heavy. She told Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O that “everything’s swollen.” Ahem, everything? Via People:

“My hands are swollen, my feet are starting to swell…I’m really grateful for my body and I have so much respect for other women going through this process. You get a whole new viewpoint being pregnant.”

Pregnancy sounds great. I’m sure Orlando Bloom will never look at Perry the same again.

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