Kevin Smith Sheds Some Light On How Joss Whedon is a Dick

The least surprising piece of Hollywood news to come out recently is that Joss Whedon was a dick on the set of Justice League. Ray Fisher said that Whedon was “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable,” but didn’t really elaborate on what Whedon did.

As an aside, if you want to play a fun game, try and guess which Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Whedon had an affair with next time you watch the show. My guess is Eliza Dushku, but he did make Charisma Carpenter a star of Buffy spin-off Angel, fired her for getting pregnant and then treated her so poorly when she came back as a guest that she cried in her dressing room. But Charisma Carpenter is only a few years younger than Whedon, so it doesn’t seem like his wife would call her “young.”

Anyway, Kevin Smith has a little to say about what it is Whedon did to make everyone hate him. It’s a lot less surprising why everyone involved in Justice League was boosting the Snyder Cut so hard when you consider Whedon was such an ass.

So on his nerdy-s**t podcast Fatman on Batman (which probably needs either a new name or a new fat guy) Smith related the story he had heard about Whedon’s behavior from crew members who worked under both Snyder and Whedon, via Cinemablend.

Remember when I went to the Skywalker set, some people had worked on both versions of Solo and both versions of Justice League. The special effects guy said there was a fair amount of trashing Zack’s version of the movie on set by Joss… that [Whedon] would cut down, dismiss, and be negative about Zack’s version, which he had seen and all these people had made together without him.

I mean, can’t you just picture Whedon smarting his way onto the set going “Wow, what a piece of s**t you people were making. Good thing I’m here to fix it, right guys? I made Avengers!”

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