Report: Ellen DeGeneres Has Basically Killed Her Brand by Being a Bitch

Other than people who have gotten the coronavirus and the 1/3rd of Americans who were unable to make rent or mortgage payments last month, no one has had a worse coronavirus lockdown than Ellen DeGeneres. Before the virus hit, she was a beloved daytime host who was making housewives less homophobic by the day. With all their newfound free time, however, people were free to talk about what a bitch she is.

A Fox News report alleges that Ellen’s brand may be irreparably harmed by all the negative attention she’s gotten for all the horrible things she’s done. Fox spoke to Reputation Management Consultants chairman Eric Schiffer, and he painted a pretty grim picture for the talk show host.

“Authenticity is king with celebrity brands and these continued leaks are lacerating her credibility and mangling her capacity to continue to try to be positioned at a high moral ground,” Schiffer told Fox News.

“It’s celebrity brand suicide,” he added.

This is, for instance, why you don’t see Bill Clinton doing a lot of political ads about integrity or not being a rapist. Doesn’t feel authentic.

“Ellen is unwilling herself to accept full responsibility and is trying to get her senior producers to take the full hit which further shows a lack of character,” Schiffer said. “A leader steps up and learns from it, and now we’re learning that Ellen — who is considered to be squeaky clean in her persona — may be leading an organization that has stone-cold crazy racism going on within it. It’s horrifying to think about.”

Schiffer added that it would be nearly impossible for DeGeneres to not have already been aware of the alleged abusive behavior going on behind the scenes.

“The chance of Ellen not knowing that this is going on is the same possibility that there are people still in America that don’t know Donald Trump’s name,” the brand expert said.

Those lucky fictional bastards.

Schiffer went on to say that Ellen hiding and deflecting and hoping things blow over of about the worst thing she could be doing, saying “She’s too important and she doesn’t want to hurt her brand. Meanwhile, her brand is bleeding out in gushes across America.”

The really bad thing for DeGeneres is that more and more of these stories keep coming out, like an employee who was allegedly told to take down a fundraiser to pay for medical bills because it would make Ellen look like she didn’t take care of her employees but then also she didn’t pay the employee’s medical bills.

They’re going to end up giving her show to a more likable comic, like Louis C.K. or Bill Cosby.

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