The Chainsmokers’ Socially Distanced Concert Went as Well as Expected

There were a few things right about the drive-in concert in the Hamptons headlined by The Chainsmokers. Upon entry, people had their temperature checked and were given free masks.

Though those precautions were overshadowed by the fact that once attendees parked inside, they were about as socially distanced as peanut butter and jelly on a kid’s sandwich.

That wasn’t even the worst of it. Tickets to attend were as much as $25,000 and guests included such luminaries as the Winkelvoss twins. And just to point out what kind of show this was, DJ D-Sol opened up for The Chainsmokers. D-Sol is the stage name for David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. There might as well have been a “Learn to Diversify Your Investments” booth next to the churro stand.

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