UFC’s Platinum Mike Perry Is Definitely Not Ageist

UFC’s Mike Perry and Conor McGregor share one thing in common. They both like punching old people in the head. Where Mike Perry and Conor McGregor differ, however, is that Mike Perry can actually knock out a 70-year-old. Though McGregor still has $50 million on Perry, so Conor can find solace in that.

According to reports, Perry was at Table 82 in Texas with his girlfriend/cornerwoman and her friend slamming Berry Mojitos — as one with face tats usually does — when things got physical. Not the good kind of physical either. The bad kind of physical where Perry allegedly punched an employee in the eye as well as his girlfriend’s friend. He then dropped some N-bombs like he was Oprah giving out free cars.

As he belligerently exited the building, an old man followed him out and at one point mocked him. Perry told him he’d knock his old ass out, to which the old man replied, “Let’s see you do it, motherf*cker,” before charging at him with his best impersonation of a windmill. Oh, the hubris of old people.

After Perry laid the old guy out, he leaned against the wall and waited for the cops. They spoke with Perry who said people kept putting hands on him. The old guy was still unconscious, having hit his head against the cement, and was taken to the hospital where he said he was suffering memory loss. Mike Perry was released back into society. Mike Perry also had no comment.

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