50 Cent Says He’s Uncancellable

Ahh, cancel culture. A favorite topic of endless discussion on the internet. Is it even real? I mean, Louis C.K. got cancelled and he’s fine and making a comeback; does it really matter that someone like Justine Sacco had her life derailed for years because of Gawker writer didn’t like a tweet she made if rich people continue to be rich, am I right?

50 Cent, probably correctly, recently said he couldn’t be cancelled at Variety‘s Entertainment Marketing Summit. Via Page Six:

“I’m an entertainer, so to entertain is, I believe, to provoke emotion,” Jackson, 45, told Variety‘s Andrew Wallenstein. “…I don’t believe I can be canceled. They gotta go to jail to get canceled, they gotta shoot a girl,” he said, possibly referencing rapper Tory Lanez’s alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. “You gotta do something extremely bad to be canceled, and I think it’s so unfair to the people that are canceled.”

He’s not wrong: people have tried to cancel Chris Brown and Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld and they’re all still fine. People,e have also wanted to cancel Michael Jackson, David Bowie and John Lennon but it doesn’t really matter if you cancel someone who’s dead, they weren’t going on Kimmel any time soon anyway.

50 also weighed in on Kanye West’s run for President.

“You see Kanye and the things that he’s doing, I wonder if Trump is not re-elected, does he go to jail for tampering with an election?” 50 said. “One of the weaker points for Trump would be the Black vote. So to have Kanye come in, somebody is going to vote for him and it’s probably someone who isn’t going to vote for Trump… It just creates noise. There’s a legitimate attempt at winning the election just by being in it, and I don’t know to whose benefit it is. I know it means nothing when Trump wins again.”

No, you don’t go to jail for “tampering with an election” for running as a third-party candidate, even if you’re intentionally running as a spoiler to pull votes from one candidate to help another candidate win.

I personally don’t think there are a large number of Black voters who are dumb enough to vote for Kanye West, at least not disproportionately so compared to other races. And Joe Biden doesn’t automatically get your vote if you’re not a Trump voter. I think they’re both terrible, but if Joe Biden loses because Kanye West is siphoning that many votes off of him, well, he doesn’t deserve to win.

I’d also add there’s no ideological reason to assume a Biden voter would be swayed to vote for a pro-life conservative who won’t shut up about Jesus, and it seems a little racist to suggest Black voters would just vote for any famous Black person who ran.

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3 years ago

This moron is still around? I thought he cancelled himself by sucking.