All of These Clips of Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Playful’ Meanness Aren’t So Cute Now That We Know She’s a Huge Bitch

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You know how when you learn something new about someone, it makes you view their past work in a new light? Like how Michael Jackson sang all those songs about having sex with preteen boys and they just seems so different after finding out his favorite thing to do in the entire world was have sex with preteen boys? Yeah, pretty weird now, isn’t it?

Ellen DeGeneres, it turns out, liked to sort of playfully bully people on her talk show and those clips don’t really seem so charming now.

Take this clip where Ellen’s crew set up hidden cameras in a room they were giving free stuff to audience members in.

Isn’t it hilarious the way the woman making $50 million a year is embarrassing that lady for taking a mug and a shirt? This segment really hits different knowing Ellen tried to get a waitress fired for having chipped nail polish doesn’t it? Sorta goes from your playful friend Ellen busting your balls to a feudal lord putting a peasant in the stocks.

Look at how irritated Taylor Swift is, emphatically saying she doesn’t want to play this game while Ellen insists, begging DeGeneres to let her keep “the last shred of dignity” she has.

Ellen is just so disrespectful here. The idea is she’s like, annoying the First Lady, but what she’s  actually doing is ruining a bunch of products and wrecking a store someone is probably getting paid minimum wage to clean. Doesn’t seem as funny when you hear the way Ellen screams at non-famous people for having the audacity to say hello to her, does it?

Hasan, I’m such a big fan and then I mispronounced you’re name and doubled down on it when he says you’ve said it wrong. Seems much worse after hearing about all the racial abuse that took place on set.

And who could forget Dakota Johnson? It takes some real balls to blow off someone’s party and then ask why you weren’t invited on national television.

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Never Mind
Never Mind
3 years ago

Needs to crawl into a cave and stay there the coward bullying c**t.