Cuba Gooding Jr Can Add Rape to the List of Things He’s Being Sued For

Things are not going great for Cuba Gooding, Jr. It’s really annoying because he’s being sued and I’m a humorist writing for an entertainment website so I kind of feel like Bart Simpson in the episode where he becomes Krusty’s assistant.

Yeah, we try to do good jokes here. Upstanding, moral, American jokes that are definitely going to come up during job interviews in the future.

Gooding is on trial for various sexual misconduct accusations already, but now he’s being sued by a woman who claims he raped her, a much more serious charge than any so far leveled at the actor.

TMZ had the details of the lawsuit.

That was grim.

Gooding denies the allegations, with his lawyer saying “Clearly, this is a fabricated accusation that was never reported to the police — and forms no basis for any claim at this point with 7 years having passed.”

Gooding is accused of various sex crimes by over twenty women, which I believe is higher than the number of leading roles he’s had in films.

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3 years ago