Dean Cain Shouldn’t Worry About Cancel Culture, He Wouldn’t be Working Anyway

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Ah, cancel culture, the latest front in the culture wars. If you’re not familiar with the term cancel culture, it’s generally used by conservatives to describe when liberals do the thing conservatives normally do, which is to try to get things they don’t like banished forever.

The latest person to speak out about cancel culture is Dean Cain, who said this on Fox News:

“This cancel culture within Hollywood, it is a cancer,” he said. “It’s McCarthyism and it’s threatening people [by saying] ‘look, I’m going to take away your ability to make a living, your livelihood if you don’t toe the party line.’ And it’s not going to end well, I promise you.”

Now I’ve always opposed censorship, even corporate censorship, but I have to tell you that Dean Cain is not losing out on roles because he’s a conservative. Kelsey Grammer is a conservative and Chapo Trap House fans still love Frasier because it’s good. Patty Heaton is a conservative and she was on a sitcom that lasted like ten seasons in addition to Everybody Loves Raymond.

The difference is that they’re good actors. Okay, well, Kelsey Grammer is a good actor, Patty Heaton is a little too good at only playing an obnoxious bitch for me to think she’s doing all that much acting.

Dean Cain himself had a recurring role on Lady Dynamite, which seems about what Dean Cain should be doing, playing second fiddle to Maria Bamford. He was in 14 things last year and has a role in projects that are currently in production, the man is clearly not on a blacklist.

While I do agree that cancel culture is a problem, that pendulum is going to swing in the other direction and we’ll all have to pretend what Bill Donahue says somehow matters again. Dean Cain should just work on accepting that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leading man without Terri Hatcher carrying him. She’s the real Superman.

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