Ellen DeGeneres Claims Staff Just Spontaneously Decided to Tell People Not to Look Her in the Eyes

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Ellen DeGeneres is trying to survive her “Ellen is actually a huge bitch” scandal by desperately claiming to be a powerless figurehead with no actual authority on her television show and that all the stories about her being a horrible monster are actually the fault of other people and she knows nothing about it.

This would all be more believable if she didn’t try to have a waitress fired for having chipped nail polish. Did you know that waitress, like all wait staff in the LA area, is also a stand-up?

Yeah, now we’re getting somewhere.

If you remember a while ago Neil Breen (not the director) talked about what a nightmare she was as a guest on a show he was producing, between moving the location by 400 miles and just giving an interview when she was supposed to be a guest host. And the crew was told they weren’t to talk to or look at Ellen.

Now Ellen has claimed she doesn’t know how that started but it didn’t come from her. That incident with Breen was seven years ago and was one of the things that came up more than once in the Twitter thread that kicked off Ellen’s troubles.

I’m sorry but I just don’t believe Ellen’s people told everyone not to look her in the eye for a decade and she never had any idea. Remember that someone claimed they said hello to her while walking past her on the street and she responded “Who the hell so you think you are?”

I don’t think she’s going to Luke and Beau Duke her way out of trouble this time. Even if her show doesn’t replace her, I don’t think the ratings will hold after all these stories have come out. And I don’t think anyone buys her half-hearted denials.

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