Former Nickelodeon Star Drake Bell Denies Abuse Allegations From Ex

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Before I get into this story, I just want to mention that lots of child actors who didn’t work with Dan Schneider are also really messed up, so working with Dan Schneider as a kid doesn’t make you any more likely to be screwed up as an adult. I don’t know why I said all that.

Drake Bell, the Drake of Drake and Josh, was accused by his ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt of verbal and physical abuse while they were dating. She made the accusation in a TikTok video, which I think is illegal now, so let’s skip right to Bell’s denial via Variety.

A representative for Bell gave the following statement to Variety, saying he never abused Lingafelt and is reviewing his legal options: “I never abused my ex-girlfriend or did so many of the other things Melissa falsely claimed on her TikTok video. As our relationship ended — more than a decade ago — we, unfortunately, both called each other terrible names, as often happens when couples are breaking up. But that is it. Clearly, Melissa still felt close enough to me just last year that she was comfortable reaching out to ask me to provide her with financial support during a tough time (which I did). I do not know if today’s behavior is some kind of misguided quest for more money or attention. But I cannot and will not allow these offensive and defamatory allegations to go unchallenged and I am reviewing my legal options.”

Now I did find a tweet with the TikTok in question, so let’s have a look.

You know, I want to be on your side here, lady, but why aren’t you moving your lips when you talk? Ventriloquism is not taking things seriously and if you’re not going to take this seriously why should we?

She also posted a follow-up video which apparently shows actress Paydin LoPachin, another one of Drake’s exes making further allegations, including claiming that Bell also abused her and that he slept with “hundreds of underage girls.”

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