Internet Rumors Are Flying About Girls Being Drugged and Raped at Jake Paul’s House

We’re all wildly speculating over why the FBI raided Jake Paul’s house, and the leading theory seems to be that it’s related to his participation in the protests of George Floyd’s murder.

There are some other rumors on the internet, though.

The “Paul had a party that got out of hand and girls were drugged and raped” theory has been gaining ground on social media.

Paul DID have a huge house party a few weeks ago that drew the ire of the mayor of Calabasas because, you know, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

I’m not sure I buy that this is an investigation of a rape, though. The FBI said no arrests are planned, and if eight girls were drugged and raped, some arrests would probably be planned. The LA Times is also a much more reliable source than some drama YouTuber.

But we’re still wondering why Paul had enough high-powered weapons to start his own religion, which the FBI confiscated.

And now Page Six reports his neighbors say they had been hearing explosions coming from his mansion at night.

“Big loud explosions at night … just mysterious things in the night,” one neighbor told CBSLA of life next to the 23-year-old provocateur’s Los Angles mansion in ritzy Calabasas.

What in the world is he up to? Is this a Weather Underground situation? Is his home sitting on an abandoned gold mine and Jake, tired of YouTube is becoming a prospector?

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Carlos T. Jackal
Carlos T. Jackal
2 years ago

Don’t care how they do it – just put his worthless ass away forever and I’m happy.