Jake Paul Had Multiple Weapons Confiscated During FBI Raid

Jake Paul had his home raided earlier today by the FBI. Overhead helicopter video showed multiple, what appears to have been, semi-automatic guns and rifles removed from his property.

The FBI have not given any reason for their search warrant, though TMZ reports it may be related to his arrest in Scottsdale during the George Floyd protests.

The FBI has just played its hand — partially — and revealed the raid is somehow in connection with Jake getting arrested in Scottsdale during a George Floyd protest. The FBI tells TMZ, “The FBI is investigating allegations of criminal acts surrounding the incident at Scottsdale Fashion Square in May, 2020.

Jake was in the mall and arrested for trespass and was charged with a criminal misdemeanor, but the City Attorney has dropped the case — it appears at the behest of the FBI — and the more serious investigation has taken precedence.

Are we surprised by his gun stash when he’s posted something like this back in 2015?

If the FBI is involved, it’s not good. Good luck, Jake.

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