Jeffree Star Says He’s Absolutely Not Paying His New Boyfriend for Sex

There’s one particular Twitter post that gets a lot more mileage and becomes increasingly relevant over time as you see it again and again.

No, it’s not the guy accidentally outting his grandfather as a Nazi in order to further anti-Russian xenophobia, it’s actually this classic from Mike Ginn:

Jeffree Star has clarified that his new boyfriend is not a male jiggalo.

If you don’t know who Jeffree Star is, he’s the reason that your girlfriend knows how to use makeup well enough that everyone thinks she’s really out of your league when in reality she’s only kind of out of your league.

Star is showing off a new lover, though.

Star is pretty tight-lipped about who his new beau is, though. Well, publicly tight-lipped, anyway. Privately…

I kind of get his appeal now, honestly.

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