Kanye West is Calling His Weird Beehive Boob Houses ‘2020Vision’


I think Kanye West is still in the middle of his manic episode. He was supposed to be off on an island fortress trying to save his marriage, but he apparently has time to apply for trademarks.

In this case, TMZ reports he’s applying for a trademark on the term “2020Vision” as a name for those weird-ass beehive boob-looking housing units he had to tear down.

Kanye’s team also reveals more details on how they plan to use “2020Vision” — saying he intends to use the name on permanent metal and non-metal dome shelters, as well as actual construction and engineering services that’ll be used to make them a reality.

So, have you noticed the problem with this? The name 2020Vision is going to seem really clever for about five more months, at which point he might as well call his construction company 1967 Builders or 20th Century Fox or Luxottica.

As TMZ points out, West also used 2020Vision in conjunction with his presidential run, which is still going about as well as you’d expect.

Something West perhaps hasn’t thought through is presidents can’t typically operate a dozen companies while they’re president. Jimmy Carter put his peanut farm in a blind trust when he was elected. Of course, recent events would point to most of the rules around what a president can and can’t do being more like suggestions since there’s clearly no opposition party willing to challenge him on anything.

I don’t actually see this going anywhere. It’s mostly just more proof that being a billionaire and being intelligent are not related at all.

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