Kanye West Might Go to Jail for Election Fraud

Kanye West is being used by the Republicans and may go to jail over election fraud.

West is currently running for president. Haha, wait, Let me read that again. Yea..that’s right. President West.

Anyway, West’s team has been collecting signatures to get onto the ballots in multiple states, but states have declared many of those signatures as invalid.

So far, New Jersey and Illinois have declined to add him to the ballots due to suspicious signatures. Wisconsin is on the verge of dropping him also.

Illinois dropped him last Friday after 60% of the signatures to get him on the ballot were declared invalid.

It sounds like West’s team is just lying to people to get them to sign blank petitions. Mic notes:

“Cheryl Pernell said she was approached in a Walmart parking lot in Milwaukee by a woman who asked if she was registered to vote. When Pernell said yes, the woman asked her to put down her name so they’d know she was already registered. Pernell gave out her information as requested, but said she couldn’t see the top of the form she signed.

“Then yesterday, August 6, I got a call telling me what I actually signed was papers to get Kanye West on the ballot,” Pernell wrote in her affidavit. “If I had known that, I wouldn’t have signed the papers, absolutely not. Kanye West would not get my vote and I think it’s a joke that he’s running for president.”

Kanye’s being supported by the Republicans according to the NY Times.

The strategy became overt on Tuesday, when Lane Ruhland, a lawyer who has worked for the Trump campaign, delivered ballot signatures to Wisconsin elections officials on behalf of the West campaign.

Ms. Ruhland worked for the state Republican Party during Wisconsin’s recount in the 2016 presidential election. She has been representing the Trump campaign in a lawsuit filed this year against a Wisconsin television station for airing an advertisement criticizing the president’s coronavirus response.

Obviously, the plan is to divert votes from Joe Biden.

But the real question is: when can I buy one of those fancy Kanye West domes? I bet they fall apart just like Brad Pitt’s Hurricane Katrina houses though.

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