Kanye West, World’s Most Powerful Human and Genius Wants to Create ‘Jesus Tok’

YouTube / Kanye

The good news is that it appears Kanye West is past the manic episode he’s been having for most of the summer. I don’t know this for sure, of course, but the stupid s**t he’s saying now is a lot more coherent, and he did another one of his Sunday services because why not worship Kanye West, is it any dumber than being a Scientologist?

The bad news is that Kanye West is still Kanye West and he’s still the insufferable Jesus freak version of Kanye West.

But Kanye had a vision, folks!

Yes, that’s right, Kanye West, the greatest genius the world has ever seen according to Kanye West just had the idea to make a crappier religious version of a thing teenagers like. He’s officially your grandmother. “Why don’t you make a video about Jesus for the YouTubes honey?”

This is why I only listen to music I know was made by satanist who slept with hundreds of underage groupies like Led Zeppelin or David Bowie or The Rolling Stones. I do not want to be moralized to by some fucking singer. Give me a dude who too busy doing coke with Phil Collins to keep his kid from falling out a window over someone telling me Jesus is king any day.

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