Kanye West’s Campaign In Worse Shape Than His Marriage, Accused of Faking Signatures

Kanye West is still running for President. I don’t know how or why this is possible, but I’m assuming it’s related to him making giant inflatable women in his garage instead of trying to save his marriage.

That looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float for WAP.

The latest wrinkle in Kanye’s run for President is that he could be getting kicked off of the ballet in Illinois and Wisconsin because of fake signatures on his petitions to make the ballot.

The Hill reports that Kanye West won’t be on the ballot in Illinois after over half of his required 2,500 signatures were deemed invalid. And that 2,500 is only 10% of what’s normally required, with the number being dropped because of the coronavirus.

Despite panic from racist white liberals that West is entering the race to be a spoiler and take votes from Joe Biden, because people like Debra Messing think Black voters will just vote for any famous Black person and don’t pay attention to issues, Kanye so far has only qualified to appear on the ballot in three safe Republican states, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Nick Cannon’s dumb ass is out in the world doing exactly that, saying he’ll vote for Kanye because “We need another black man in power.” That’s if Kanye even gets on the ballot in California; the man he hired to do the job has been previously arrested for election fraud.

I honestly believe that Kanye’s campaign is so inept that he could end up in jail because of it. Running for political office is a serious thing and there are lots of rules that govern what you can and can’t do.

Kanye is also having trouble in Wisconsin, where his application is being challenged for fake and fraudulently-acquired signatures. You can’t just throw a presidential campaign together on a whim.

Ross Perot, the most successful third-Party candidate of the modern era, declared his candidacy in February 1992 and got on the ballot in all 50 states; at one point in the campaign he led both Bill Clinton and incumbent George HW Bush and was in the presidential debates. Perot didn’t get a single electoral vote in the end.

Kanye West is not Ross Perot. He’s already definitely not on the ballot in 17 states, including Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania, five states which represent a combined 136 electoral votes, almost exactly half of the 270 electoral votes required to win. The three states Kanye has qualified for represent 23 electoral votes.

Kanye West will not be president, at least not on January 21st, 2021. He could still be married to Kim Kardashian on that date, though, and that seems like the thing he should be worried about. There’s less of a chance he ends up in jail that way, as well.

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