Are Kanye West’s Bad Presidential Polling Numbers Fake News?

Kanye West is polling at 2% among registered voters in his run for president. This might seem bad but keep in mind that he’s not actually running for President and he’s only on the ballot in three states so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

To the relief of racist white Democrats like a the lady from Will and Grace and the dismay of racist white Republicans like… well, take your pick, really, Kanye has not stolen the Black vote from Joe Biden and is also polling at 2% among Black voters.

Is this poll fake news, though? No, it’s not. Black voters aren’t any dumber or smarter than voters of any other ethnicity. They can also clearly see Kanye West is a moron and aren’t going to vote for him just because he’s Black and if you thought that was going to happen, well… you might be a racistneck.

Is Kanye’s campaign just a plot to sink Joe Biden’s campaign to help Donald Trump? Look, if enough people vote for Kanye West and not you that it costs you an election, you don’t deserve to be President of the United States. Seriously, people don’t owe you a vote because you’re on the blue team or the red team, you have to a make a case that you should be president, and if you can’t make that case more effectively than Kanye West…

But TMZ reports that Kanye did ditch his wife Kim, who he just barely still married to and is supposed to be working on fixing that marriage, to meet with President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. Kanye says his meeting was just about “Black empowerment” and the book PowerNomics by Dr Claude Anderson.

I have a feeling Kanye West’s idea of Black empowerment these days mostly involves empowering Kanye West, honestly. But it’s nice he’ll have something to do with all the time he used to spend having a wife.

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