Man Who Shot His Dick Off Named King of Gun-Dick Weirdos

Did you know that there’s a group of people whose hobby is taking pictures of themselves pointing guns at their ducks with their fingers on the trigger? I guess the point is they don’t want those liberal pussies at the NRA telling them that they should treat a gun responsibly by not doing things like pointing a loaded pistol at their dick with their finger on the trigger.

Do I even need to tell you where this is going? Because if you thought “one of these idiots is going to blow his dick off” then you win a gold medal. You can actually watch a video of this guy shooting himself in the dick which I suggest you do because it’s hilarious.

Vice got in contact with this group, and here’s what they were told about the purpose of this group.

“[We] are sick and tired of being demonized as gun owners, and looped together with the alt-right just for owning guns,” an admin of Loaded Guns Pointed at [B]enis told Motherboard in a Facebook message. “We are sick of republicans (think NRA) telling us what to do with our property, and we are sick of being told that just because we like guns It means we have to be anti woman, pro life and pro trump.”

I did see at least one tweet referring to these people as “MAGA chuds,” so it’s interesting to see that they aren’t, it’s a good lesson that not everyone who’s an idiot prescribes to a certain political ideology.

The Facebook group made him an administrator and had made a bunch of memes honoring him because I guess they feel sorry for him after he blew his nuts off. Why would you ever use a loaded gun, it’s not like you can even tell if it’s loaded, it’s not like a revolver where you can see the bullets. If you’re going to point a gun at your dick for clout just lie and say it’s loaded. Hell, use an airsoft gun.

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