‘Mulan’ Coming to Disney+… For a Price. ‘Black Widow’ Rumored to be Next


Movie theaters are not coming back any time soon. You need to just make your peace with that, especially if you’re a movie theater owner or a motion picture production company. It’s just not going to happen. Countries that thought they had the coronavirus beat and were doing a lot better than the US are having to shut down again; the cramped spaces where we go to sit and breathe recycled air and eat food other people have had their hands all over aren’t going to open up until probably next summer at the earliest.

Disney seems to have gotten that message as they’ve stopped holding back their live-action Mulan and are putting it on Disney+. There’s a catch, though; when the film debuts on September 4th, subscribers will have to pay an extra $30 to access it on top of the monthly fee for the streaming service. Unlike other recent PVOD releases of movies that were originally headed to theaters, this isn’t a rental and subscribers who pay the fee will have access to Mulan for as long as they’re subscribed to the service.

It’s been over a year since a new Marvel movie released and everyone in the world thinks this is a dry-run for Black Widow, which is currently scheduled to come out in theaters November 6th but we all know there is no way that is happening.

Disney makes most of their money from movies and theme parks and neither of those are great businesses to be in during a pandemic. The Disney parks that are actually open still aren’t exactly seeing booming business because most people don’t think seeing the Hall of Presidents is worth risking a potentially fatal respiratory disease, they need to start bringing money in and they are sitting on multiple Marvel movies which are going to bring in money no matter what.

I think, as seems to be the consensus, if Mulan does well then we’re going to see Black Widow released the same way. I don’t think they can afford to sit on all these finished Marvel films until the pandemic is over. They’re trying to figure out a way that they can make the most money with these films so they’re testing the waters with Mulan before they get burned with a movie they actually expect to make money with.

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