Muslim Groups Are Deeply Offended By Kanye West’s New Shoes

If you ever travel to the Middle East, something to keep in mind is that people in the Middle East hate feet. It’s like an entire nation of anti-Tarantinos. That’s why that guy threw his shoes at George W Bush; it’s a massive insult to show the bottom of your shoes to someone.

You know what else is a massive insult to people in the Middle East, then? Naming your shoes after important religious figures in Islam.

This is a lesson Kanye West is learning because he’s super Jesusey now and Islam and Christianity share a lot of mythology. Kanye decided to name his new shoes after some biblical angels, because that’s what Jesus would do. He picked the names Israfil and Asriel, Israfil being one of the four archangels and Asriel being the cat from The Smurfs.

The Sun reports that Muslims are making their displeasure known.

Nazeem Islam posted: “It is not acceptable to make a mockery out of the beliefs of others.”

And another fan wrote: “If you had any respect for your Muslim fans, you would change the name.”

Something tells me Kanye doesn’t care if he offends Muslims because Kanye is incapable of caring about anything past the tip of his nose.

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