Of Course Lena Dunham Had the Coronavirus

When the current COVID-19 pandemic began, if I asked you to name the celebrity you most expected to show up at some point and say they had it, especially after we started to see indications that it can have unknown chronic side effects, who would you have said? Would it have been Lena Dunham? I’d have said Lena Dunham.

if you’re not familiar with Lena Dunham, she created the HBO series Girls and when it ended she developed every single chronic illness that someone can have that no one can really explain or pin down the symptoms of but that you should totally feel sorry for her about. She even has Chronic Lyme Disease, an illness so terrible it doesn’t even have a cause or an agreed-upon set of symptoms. She has so many diseases some of them don’t exist, she’s like Mr. Burns, only alive because her diseases are kept in check by her other diseases.

Three Stooges Syndrome, eh? She does look a little bit like Joe Besser. Oh, that’s too mean even for me, I’d like to apologize to the family of Joe Besser for my comments, they were over the line and don’t represent the person I am today.

Dunham posted on Instagram that she has had the Coronavirus, because of course she did.

It’s a long post, so I’m just going to go over the highlights.

Lena talks about how fortunate she was to already be chronically ill when she got the coronavirus because she was used to being chronically ill, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Things like chronic illness make you much more likely to die from Covid and if Dunham had all the things she’s constantly telling you she has I don’t see how she would have made it.

She also talked about all the chronic conditions that COVID caused or worsened for her, and I have to say, I’m happy for her. For a person who has built her entire identity around being chronically ill and making it everyone else’s problem this has got to be like her birthday and Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one.

And I believe that Dunham had the coronavirus, but it’s kind of funny she said that she tested negative for Covid after 21 days in quarantine but never actually said she tested positive for it, which is… yeah.

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