Ron Jeremy is Disgusting. And His Cockroach-Infested Apartment is No Dream Either

Ron Jeremy is a very unlikely porn star. He’s been in more porn than maybe anyone else and people say porn stars aren’t convincing actresses but look at how many of them acted like they wanted to f**k Ron Jeremy; you know every one of those women was thinking “this is so humiliating, I should have done that movie with the other girl and the cup.”

Ron made a lot of money doing porn so it’s somewhat surprising that his home is as disgusting as seeing Ron Jeremy naked. But The Daily Mail reports that before he was locked up to await trial for rape, Jeremy had been living in squalor for years.

‘There was trash piled up, old porn memorabilia stuffed in overflowing boxes. His kitchen table looked like an unkempt outside porch, there were plants that had grown around the table legs and into the floor.

‘I honestly thought he was on that show Hoarders. There were cans of roach spray left on the side, piles of medication, books, DVDs, paperwork and he had pet turtles.’

That was in 2017. The woman also said that Jeremy was very sexually aggressive and super angry when she ditched him. But none of this is the funniest part of the story. Here is the funniest part of the story.

‘It was during the day and I saw him outside this store, he had a camera guy with him and was being filmed and we started talking.

‘Later he said the guy was his driver but I quickly worked out it was someone he was just hanging out with.

‘Then I realized the camera they were carrying around didn’t actually work, it was fake and all a ruse to meet women.’

I respect the hustle. Ron Jeremy just going out on the street with a camera with no film in it walking up to women like “why yes, I am Ron Jeremy, disgusting but huge-dicked porn star, just filming a reality show here. How do you feel about getting every STD known to man?”

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