Stacey Dash’s Husband Claims She Hypnotized Him Into Marrying Her, Turned Him Into a Newt

How did Stacey Dash land her husband? Was it because she’s a gorgeous movie star who was convincingly playing a high school student in her 30s? Maybe he saw her in Playboy, that magazine that doesn’t exist but that Kanye West is so worried about. Or maybe he was enthralled with her borderline-incoherent rambling on Fox News.

But according to Jeffery Marty, Dash’s estranged husband, the real reason he married her is that she hit him with the old Christian voodoo and hypnotized him into marrying her.

Yes, TMZ reports that Marty is filing for an annulment on the grounds that he only married Dash because she and her preacher hypnotized him into it.

Christian witchcraft is a new one, I’ll admit, but our country is so stupid that I expect this will sail through the courts unopposed.

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