The ACLU is Going to Help Free Britney

Britney Spears is still under a conservatorship and while she recently petitioned the court to have her father removed from it she’s going to be under it for some time. But the ACLU has offered to take up her case and end her conservatorship once and for all.

They have a point here, Britney is nearly 40, she doesn’t really need a babysitter. She was put in conservatorship in 2008. Do you know how long ago that was? How I Met Your Mother was still good in 2008. Hell, Scrubs was still good in 2008. And I’m pretty sure BTS were all in kindergarten or whatever kind of prison camp they send K-Pop stars to as children.

A judge recently extended the conservatorship through February 2021, and are we really supposed to believe Britney is less mentally stable than Kanye West?

Now, I don’t buy into the idea that Spears is being held against her will or kidnapped or Shanghaied by pirates or whatever the hell people think is going on. But I do know that she’s under a conservatorship and that means she basically can’t run her own life. And I hate to beat a dead horse here, but Kanye West is running his own life and he decided to run for President and build Tatooine beehive houses without a permit.

What I’m saying is there doesn’t need to be a big conspiracy for Britney to be released from this conservatorship; she’s a grown woman and deserves to make her own decisions.

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