This South Korean YouTuber Burned His Dick Off During a Livestream

Have you ever seen Looney Tunes short where Bugs and Daffy are doing a stage show and trying to one-up each other and it ends with Daffy blowing himself up and dying? Sometimes YouTube is like that.

So, Angry Korean Gamer has a whole new reason to be angry, because in his quest for views he burned his dick off on a livestream.

I would love to show you the video of this but YouTube appears to have deleted his entire account, probably because he set his dick on fire on a livestream, so we’ll have to check the report from to see what happened.

As a penalty, viewers requested Shin Tae Il to set his private area on fire for five seconds. Ultimately, Shin Tae Il came back wearing only his underwear and began to pour lighting fluid on his private area.

When you’re pouring lighter fluid on your dick, do you have a moment where you think “this is maybe not the best idea?” You would have to, right?

Finally, he brought the lighter to his underwear and set fire to it. As soon as the fire increased, Shin Tae Il made a screaming face as he yelled out in pain.

He ran out of the camera frame as he continued to scream out in agony. He stayed on the floor for a while as he moaned. Soon later, he states that he had been burned and that he’s in a lot of pain.

I mean, raise your hand if you could figure out that lighting your dick on fire was going to hurt without actually doing it.

As I mentioned, Shin Tae Il‘s YouTube channel appears to be gone entirely, so instead of more clicks, all his stunt got him was a burnt, mangled dick.

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