Wait, Rita Ora is White? Are You Sure?

This is Rita Ora.

Despite what conclusions you may have drawn from that picture Rita Ora is white. White mother, white father.

Does it seem like maybe she’s trying to hide that fact? One Twitter user thought so.

Why does she have an afro? The box braids thing is whatever, that may as well just be a white tourist hairstyle by now but the afro is a really weird look if you’re not trying to pull a Dolezal.

Look at that picture and tell me that isn’t a person trying to make people think she’s black.

I’m not sure what Ora is trying to accomplish by looking racially ambiguous. The best-case scenario is people think you’re black, find out you aren’t and then I write an article about you being a dumb-ass white girl trying to look black for clout or whatever.

The good news that the next time someone calls you racist for saying Rita Ora’s music is shitty and you’d rather rip your own balls off and shove them in your ears than listen to her, you can tell them Ora is white so you’re only a misogynist and no one gives a f**k about misogyny anymore.

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3 years ago

White she ain’t.

Bell Curve
Bell Curve
3 years ago
Reply to  Ikke

Albanian, so yes, white