Congressman Matt Gaetz Has Nothing Better to do Than Argue About ‘Two and a Half Men’ With Jon Cryer

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If the only way you can win an argument is admitting you liked Two and a Half Men, then maybe it’s better to let that one go; it’s really the definition of a pyrrhic victory when your sick own depends on you telling everyone how funny you thought Charlie Sheen was on the famously terrible show. This is something Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) should but obviously doesn’t know.

Jon Cryer is political now because who doesn’t want to base their voting decisions on Duckie Dale’s opinions. Cryer announced that he donated to Gaetz’s opponents in November’s general election.

I mean, that’s fair. I’m not sure anyone’s vote has ever really been swayed by a celebrity endorsement, but it can call attention to lesser-known candidates and help with fundraising. We all have a first amendment right to support whatever candidates we like, after all.

Still, Gaetz clearly wasn’t happy.

Look how not mad Gaetz clearly is. Nothing says “I am a serious politician who should be in a position of power” like getting into an Internet slap fight with Teddy Zakalokis.

Of course, Cryer could have won had he just walked away, but instead, he decided he needed the last word.

Is it just me or does knowing Jon Cryer won a Best Actor Emmy for Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen left just devalue the entire concept of Hollywood awards shows? The finale of that show was the only funny episode, it just sort of reveled in how bad the show was and made fun of you for watching it.

Just remember, kids there are no winners in a fight about what the “good” episodes of Two and a Half Men were.

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