Demi Lovato Ends Engagement, Did Fiancé Just Want Selena Gomez?

Just about a week ago we told you that Demi Lovato’s friends were worried that her fiancé wasn’t interested in her and was instead just trying to get close to Selena Gomez, which honestly never sounded crazy, look me in the eye and tell me that if you were engaged to Demi Lovato you wouldn’t triple-check that you didn’t have a shot with Selena Gomez before going through with it. I don’t know that Max Ehrich for sure was trying to get with Selena Gomez but I do know that he and Lovato called off their engagement.

Page Six talked to an insider just before the break-up happened.

Leading up to the split, a source told Page Six that the pair were struggling to make their relationship work.

“It’s not over yet,” our insider shared hours before the breakup, “but it’s on its way there.”

Clearly, it was. The first clue that they had broken up was that Lovato’s bodyguard and sister stopped following Ehrich on Instagram, and then another insider confirmed the breakup to Page Six.

Now, we don’t know anything about what happened between them, so I’m going to wildly speculate and say that the most likely scenario here is that she caught him taping a picture of Selena Gomez to the back of her head during sex, because I know that’s how I would get through having sex with Demi Lovato if it were me.

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