Here’s Why Robin Williams’ Wife Says She and the Late Comic Had to Sleep in Separate Beds

Patch Adams

Robin Williams died six years ago and honestly, I’m still pretty sad about it. To some extent, he was always playing a character in public, but he was so energetic and fun to watch; I don’t think I ever saw anyone make Johnny Carson laugh as hard as Robin Williams did.

I think it came as a shock to a lot of people when Williams killed himself precisely because of his upbeat and happy persona, but he obviously had issues in his private life.

People had a report about how Williams and his wife Susan were forced to sleep in separate beds towards the end of his life because of his medical conditions.

Schneider Williams revealed that she and her husband were told to sleep in separate beds for medical reasons, so that Robin could get more sleep as he struggled with insomnia.

“He said to me, ‘Does this mean we’re separated?'” she recalled of spending nights separately, per doctor’s orders. “That was a really shocking moment. When your best friend, your partner, your love — you realize that there’s a giant chasm somewhere, and you can’t see where it is but that’s just not based in reality. That was a hard moment.”

Williams had Lewy body dementia, which is a disease that has some of the same symptoms as Alzheimer’s and some of the same symptoms of Parkinson’s but a different cause from either. Williams never knew he had this disease and his family only found out recently.

Robin Williams went through a lot, so much he couldn’t handle it anymore. His wife told the story about sleeping separately on Today because she’s promoting a documentary about the comic’s final days called Robin’s Wish, which is available now.

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