Rumor Has It That Lady Gaga Is Going to be an X-Man

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Marvel has kind of tried to downplay the forthcoming X-Men movies since they bought Fox, but we all it’s a big deal. The Avengers was not Marvel’s version of the Justice League, and X-Men has been Marvel’s biggest franchise since the 70s.

We’re getting our first casting rumor about the MCU X-Men films and it’s kind of a weird one: Lady Gaga is being reported as who Marvel wants to play Emma Frost.

Emma Frost was designed to be sexy before anything else. The way she uses her sex appeal is as important a part of her character as her psychic powers or diamond skin. Has anyone ever considered Lady Gaga particularly sexy?

What makes this rumor even more baffling is that there is a character in the X-Men franchise who Lady Gaga would be perfect as the disco queen pop star Dazzler. She even wears weird face paint, if you didn’t know better you could assume Gaga has been cosplaying as Dazzler the way that Elvis Presley based his look on Captain Marvel, Jr.

Stan Lee even said he thought Lady Gaga should play Dazzler.

It’s really hard to argue that Gaga wouldn’t be a great Dazzler, but pretty easy to argue she wouldn’t be a good Emma Frost. Brie Larson would make a good Emma Frost if she wasn’t already in the MCU and Marvel hadn’t already done everything humanly possible to hide how sexy she is. You could basically just pick any 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio dumped for being too old and she would be a good Emma Frost. Just not Lady Gaga. Please. Please just let her be Dazzler like everyone in the world wants.

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