Tana Mongeau Appears to Rebounding From Jake Paul With Noah Cyrus, Which Is a Huge Upprade

Things seem to be going well for Tana Mongeau after her fake relationship with Jake Paul ended. She’s being romantically linked to Noah Cyrus now, and that is a huge improvement over Jake Paul, especially in the face.

Via People:

Over the weekend, the YouTube star, 22, and singer, 20, spent a romantic weekend together that ended with Mongeau calling Cyrus girlfriend. “i mean ofc i had to take a break from instagram until she was my girlfriend again,” Mongeau captioned a photo of the two at dinner.

And the two already have their first celebrity shipper: Paris Hilton. “Love you girls!” she commented on the post. “Let’s hang soon!”

Before then, the two shared several clips with each other. Cyrus posted an Instagram story of herself with a few loving gifts she got for the YouTuber: a stuffed bear, flowers and a rolled blunt. In the clip, the “July” singer calls herself “a simp.”

Honestly, Noah Cyrus is a marked improvement for Tana compared to Jake Paul, but we have to admit that the daughter Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t do a creepy incesty photoshoot with is punching above her weight class here.

Is she trying to recreate that picture where Lil Xan pushed his nose against her like he was a Martian who head read about human kissing in a novel?

Yeah, Tana is a huge improvement over a guy who looks like a human quaalude.

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