Vanessa Bryant Suing Cops Who Tried to Get Laid Using Pictures of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash

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I never thought that “hey, how would you like to see the disfigured corpse of a sports legend who was tragically killed in a terrible accident” would be a particularly good pick-up line, but I’m not an LA County sheriff’s deputy because those guys thought it was a great idea. It’s like something out of The Big Bang Theory only instead of a pathetic guy who can’t get a woman to touch his penis offering to let them drive the Mars rover, it’s a pathetic guy who can’t get a woman to touch his penis showing her pictures of Kobe Bryant’s dead body. And who would actually want to sleep with the kind of sociopath who is impressed by that?

Vanessa Bryant isn’t happy about this development and can you blame her? Buzzfeed News reports she’s suing the sheriff’s department for “emotional distress, negligence, and invasion of privacy,” because they don’t actually let you write “oh, come the f**k on” as the reason for a lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses at least eight deputies of taking photos of the victims at the crash site with their personal cellphones and showing them to their colleagues, and in one instance, a member of the public.

Things like this make “defund the police” seem a lot less controversial if you ask me. It’s perfectly reasonable to move funding to other departments of government that are better equipped to handle these situations. Why are the police even the people looking into a helicopter crash? Shouldn’t it be medical personnel and firefighters? Maybe if we spent money on police then we could afford firefighters who aren’t prisoners being paid pennies an hour.

A month after Kobe Bryant’s death, the Los Angeles Times first reported that sheriff’s deputies had shared private cellphone photos of the victims, and that Villanueva told the deputies that if they quietly deleted the photos, they would not face any discipline.

Following the reports, Villanueva admitted that he had ordered eight deputies to delete the images and he was “content that those involved did that.”

Treating this sort of depraved indifference to decency as some sort of schoolboy error is exactly the reason people are in the streets protesting in the first place.

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