Amanda Bynes is Unrecognizable in Return to Social Media

Twitter / Composite

I don’t know what happened to Amanda Bynes, but something really screwed her up. Bynes has actually been through a lot recently, so let’s recap that.

She, like Britney Spears, is under a conservatorship, but unlike Britney, no one wants to free her. Britney has been making good decisions and seems to be past the mental health issues that necessitated a conservatorship while Amanda Bynes just got a face tattoo.

Bynes also has a boyfriend she wants to marry but her parents won’t let her, though it seems they can’t keep her from dating him.

She also said she was going to have a baby with him in March, but a few months later it turned out she was not actually pregnant, or at least she wasn’t pregnant anymore by May, we don’t actually know which one it was.

Now Amanda is back on Instagram and she has a whole new look, and this time it’s not just “Amanda Bynes but fat.

If you showed me that picture and told me it was Amanda Bynes without context I’d have told you to f**k off. She looks a bit like a way-less-hot Ariel Winter but wearing the clothes I wore in high school during my grunge phase. Is it a phase if it lasts 20 years?

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