Bill Burr Shocks ‘SNL’ Audience By Actually Being Funny

If you’re a big fan of jokes about how President Trump wears a lot of bronzer with the punchline “Can I get some covfefe with my hamburders?” then you’re probably a big fan of Saturday Night Live, which hasn’t been this terrible since the 80s. If you like jokes that are actually funny and thoughtful, you probably stopped watching around when Tina Fey left, the last time the show was actually funny.

Bill Burr got his first hosting gig on the show Saturday night, I suppose to promote The Opening Act in which he has a supporting role or just because Bill Burr is funny and there’s a pandemic, and he absolutely killed it.

Bill Burr’s monologue is inarguably the most left-wing political humor to have aired on SNL since Ronald Reagan was President, and amusingly it was the audience of professional-managerial class liberal white women SNL has meticulously built with horrible bits like singing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ to Robert Mueller that were absolutely losing their minds at Burr’s monologue, because if there’s one thing people who watch SNL and have “Still With Her” bumper stickers hate it’s being exposed as having basically the same politics as the Republicans they spend all their energy attacking.

And that is exactly what Burr did, starting with a minute and a half about white women trying to make themselves the victims of oppression despite being complicit in white supremacy since the 17th century that ends with “sit down next to me and take your talking to.” He ended the set by talking about June’s Pride Month, finding some new humor in the old joke that Black History Month is in February, the shortest month, by contrasting it with June, a long month with much nicer weather. It was the kind of sharp, incisive political commentary Bill Burr’s fans have come to expect from him.

Offended liberals, outraged at being the butt of the joke, took to Twitter to call Burr’s monologue misogynist and homophobic, which it clearly was not.

It’s amazing the hostility you see come out when people who have built their entire identities around the wokest, most liberal, most Trump-hating people around get told they suck and aren’t any better by the large group of people to their left.

And lots of people on the left thought Burr’s monologue was great.

I hope if there’s one thing people take away from this it’s that “political correctness” is not a left-wing project. Censorship, be it through the government, corporate control or social pressure, is only ever used by the entrenched powers to stifle threats to that power. Cancel culture or political correctness are likewise used by the neoliberal establishment to try and discredit people speaking truth to that power that isn’t as woke as it wants you to believe it is.

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2 years ago

Amen brother. Preach!! PC culture can get fellate itself. Decency culture needs the floor.