Chris Evans Isn’t Done Playing Captain America

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At the end of Avengers: Endgame, we saw that Captain America had lived a long and happy life in the past with Peggy Carter and, as an old man, passed on his shield and presumably his title to Sam Wilson, the Falcon. It was probably the best moment in that film, which I thought was an overcrowded mess with bland fight scenes filled with far too many characters who were, in the end, meaningless. Steve Rogers had a heartwarming happy ending and even though we loved Chris Evans in the role, I don’t think anyone wants Marvel to ruin it by bringing him back.

Marvel is going to ruin it by bringing him back.

According to Giant Freakin Robot, there are rumors that Marvel is planning to bring Evans back as the old man Captain America seen at the end of Endgame for an adaptation of the comic Secret Wars, which could be the fifth or Avengers movie.

Let me explain a little bit about Marvel’s famous crossover events. Infinity Gauntlet was conceived by Jim Starlin as the next logical step for his relatively minor pet characters, Adam Warlock and Thanos. Their conflict drew in the entire Marvel Universe and was so beloved by fans that it lead to more crossovers and an ongoing series.

Secret Wars, on the other hand, was a tie-in to a toy line designed purely to appeal to children through focus group testing and had a plot that was essentially a kid playing with his toys, smashing them against each other, as the all-powerful Beyonder brought all the Marvel heroes and villains to his planet Battleworld so they would fight and he could see who was the strongest.

I don’t think this story is worth bringing Evans back for. With Marvel’s whole multiverse-focus for their next film arc, there will be plenty of opportunity for all sorts of fan service, why waste it on such a bland storyline?

Marvel has the X-Men and the Fantastic Four now, they don’t need to adapt such a forgettable, poorly-written comic from the 80s. And I while I that the point of the Marvel movies, much like the Secret Wars comic, is to sell toys to children, that doesn’t mean they can’t at least be good.

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