Is Keemstar the Real Father of Ethan Klein’s Son?

Ahh, Internet drama. I can never get enough of it. I thought that YouTube drama channels like Keemstar were there to make fun of drama but they’re increasingly at the center of it. And tonight that drama is huge.

It started when Keemstar, for seemingly no reason, Tweeted he had not had sex with Ethan Klein’s wife Hila.

After that, Leafy posted that Keemstar has slept with Hila, and was in fact the real father of her son.

You guys dont know about alot of this s**t behind the scenes but f**k it its time you guys should know.

No more jokes only the truth.

Keemstar, Ethan, and Hila all good friends 5+ years ago.

It all changed when they first met for the h3h3podcast roughly 4 years ago.

If you watch that you can tell that hila was lightly flirting with keem – note keemstar stayed 3 nights in LA

Years later Hila begin doing business trips frequently

This is also when the “EthanxKeem” beef increasing

And the climax of the beef was on the birth of “their” son

“Content Nuke – Keemstar” officially drops only a few months after the birth of their son Theodore to completely destroy Keem and more importantly distance himself from the beauty world that Hila involves herself in as her occupation.

This solves it.

Keemstar is the father

This goes on, with leafy claiming to have audio confirming all of this.

And then Keemstar posted pictures of a bunch of video games with suggestive names.

Now, the million-dollar question: is this all just bullshit meant to provoke Klein because Keemstar hates him.

I’m going to go with yes, none of this is real.

Keemstar and Klein are in a long-running feud and this is just the latest chapter. It’s just a funny “haha, I fucked your wife” joke. Well, I mean, I’m sure someone thinks it’s funny. Leafy does, at any rate.

Using the opportunity to say Hila looks like a horse is kind of a dead giveaway.

I don’t think she looks like a horse.

And I’m pretty sure that Keemstar has never mounted or rode her.

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3 years ago

Lol got em