Jeff Garcia Absolutely Slams Cam Newton for Not Backing Up His Swagger on the Field

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Jeff Garcia and Cam Newton are both elite NFL quarterbacks with one thing in common both men would likely rather not admit: they’ve both had disappointing finishes to brilliant careers. Garcia was a four-time Pro Bowler and a Grey Cup MVP who was nominated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame despite falling all the down to “best quarterback in the UFL” in his penultimate season as a professional athlete. Cam Newton is a three-time Pro Bowler who has been NFL MVP and won the Heisman Trophy in college but now, after two seasons in a row ending with injuries he’s led the Patriots to a dismal 2-4 record so far this season.

Garcia doesn’t think Newton should be looking quite so flashy with his poor on-field performance this season and wasn’t shy about saying it.

That was pretty brutal and I will admit, pretty funny, even though I’m not sure I agree.

Personally, I think Cam Newton has earned the right to have as much swagger as he wants already, even if he can’t get it done like he could before his injuries.

Garcia says he’s felt this way about Newton for a few years, which I think is more of a Jeff Garcia problem because Newton had a great 2017 season.

And it’s not like Newton is trying to shift the blame here, he’s owning it.

“I have to deliver. I haven’t done that.”

#Patriots QB Cam Newton after loss to the #49ers.

“One thing that can’t happen is I can’t allow myself to feel sorry for myself. I know what the issue is. You just have to attack it and do better.” He says he’s just not playing well.

I just don’t think that the Cam Newton in Jeff Garcia’s head is the one we’re seeing at this press conference. But he’s also not the Cam Newton who played for the Carolina Panthers in 2015.

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