Kanye West Spent All Night Celebrating a Fake Poll


It would be pretty embarrassing to be running for President and expose yourself as if having a clue about what’s actually going on in the world to millions of people on social media, don’t you think? I know that you’re wondering if I’m talking about Biden or Trump and really it could have been, but no, today we’re talking about Kanye West.

Kanye excitedly tweeted a video late Tuesday night saying to get the West Wing ready because he was polling so well in Kentucky.

There’s just one little problem, and you may have spotted it: that poll is obviously fake. The most recent legitimate polls of Kentucky show Donald Trump at 58% and Joe Biden at 40%, leaving just 2% undecided or voting for a third party, whereas the poll Kanye saw had Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen winning with 36%.

It doesn’t even look like a poll, because what you’re actually seeing is an example election night results page used for testing and with clearly fake results so people don’t claim that “the fix is in” before election night even though we pretty much know who is going to win Kentucky right now anyway.

What I’m saying is you’d have to be completely clueless about politics and a giant narcissist to think you were doing better in Kentucky than both major party candidates combined.

You might think that this would be embarrassing and Kanye would have been like “oh my bad, I thought these were real poll results, I just got a little overexcited and didn’t really think about it,” but only if you had never heard of Kanye West before. What Kanye actually did was continue his victory lap all night.

And into the morning, Kanye retweeted this even after Twitter added a disclaimer explaining it wasn’t poll results.

There’s no such thing as a “precinct voting poll.” Election results are reported by precinct after each polling location closes and tallies their votes.

Kanye did eventually switch to tweeting about the conflict in Armenia, something important to his wife, who is Armenian. It’s a much better use of his platform.

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